Irritating Status Updates on Facebook

We have always looked upto Facebook for information, gossip and to know all that is happening in the life of your long-lost school rival.

Be it some odd quote or some drama, everybody takes it to their Facebook status update. Here is the list of all those status updates that are just too annoying.



1. The ‘DoN’t Wr!te LiKe Th!$’ status update:

Seriously, we have one such person who wR!Te$ LiKe tH!S and you will kill him/her for that. Bitches.

Your English is bad  AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD - Your English is bad  AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD  Your meme is bad and you should feel bad!

2. The wanna-be-philosopher:

This person has only one type of status update- the one which is too philosophical to understand. I bet even the person whose status update it really is, can’t understand it too.

This generally this happens when you have too much of inspiration from Jaden Smith’s twitter, I swear.


3. The broken heart:

Now this one is generally a girl, but in 30% of the cases it is guy. This person has to post some heartbreak stuff that will make you cry because you just realised you did a mistake accepting his/her friend request. Seriously.

4. The upto-date-show-off-bitch:

These people brag about any event as if they have been following it for years. These bitches won’t know who all play football (except Messi and Ronaldo) and post updates like ‘OMG! FIFA is my life’. We know your secret girl. Move on.


White Facepalm

5. The Hashtag-er:

They literally feed on hashtags. Every second word is a hashtag and all you can only see are hashtags and nothing else. Argh. BLINDING!

Famous Internet meme Xzibit illustrates hashtag abuse.

6. The text-message-status-updates:

We all know one person like this.This person has each and every status update of some joke or some shit thing you got as a text the other day. They just can’t think of anything but a forwarded message as a status update.

Trying To Show Off Your Girlfriend, Huh Brian?

7. The five-minute-status-updaters:

One of the most annoying in this list, they just can’t wait for another 30 minutes to update their status. THEY HAVE TO PUT UP A NEW ONE EVERY FIVE MINUTES JUST TO FLOOD YOUR NEWS FEED WITH THEIR SHIT.

P.S: Such people won’t even switch to twitter.

accept walt's friend request, unsubscribe from all status updates

8. The ‘SWAGGERS!’:

The most common type among the teens, they just want people to know they’ve got SWAG, in every status update.

Swag me

9. The bitch of photo updates:

This girl (rarely a guy) has to upload one new photo update every 10 minutes. And let me tell you, she knows all the faces- from duck face to how-to-duck-you-in-the-ass face.

no one can pout better than me

10. The I-am-rich-and-I-know-it update:

This update is annoying because you know that this particular person is rich but still he needs to control his show-off-ass. He/She has every update from ‘On my way to Singapore’ to ‘Watching a movie with Vin Diesel’. You want to screw him, but you simply don’t because he is a rich punk and you need him.





So tell me how did you like my first post under relatbles in the comments. Did I miss out on any type you know? TELL ME!

I post once a week. So do tell me what do you want to read next. 🙂

CONTENT IS ORIGINAL. Memes are copied.

~ The Inquisitive Woman

P.S: Humour is easy.


(Twitter: @joeesomething)




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