12 Types of Instagram Accounts

We have all seen videos and blogs about pics on Instagram. But types of accounts on Instagram? I don’t think so.

This is a guide for all those who want to know more about Instagram and even help you know who to follow and who not to. Let us see.


1. The I-love-my-pet-so-much account:

These accounts are completely dedicated by pet owners to their pets and have the most fan following for a ridiculous but cute thing, ever.

And seriously, they are actually adorable like even if your pet shits on your bed, you just wanna instagram it.



2. The REAL photography account:

Now, these accounts mainly use DSLR  or iPhone 5s.

They do click good pictures and post good ones with mainly no filter, but these accounts are looking for recognition even in the smallest thing they do on Instagram.

But a few actually exist to show-off their latest iPhone.


3. The Selfie account:

Now, this is that one account with nothing but selfies. And of course, pics which say what-did-I-drink-at-Starbucks-today.


4. The Food Porn account:

Now you know, they only have tasty food pics on that damn Insta wall that you feel like rushing into your phone, into that pic and eating that whole food with the plate.

Inline images 4


5. The Personal account:

This account is basically decent, a mix of selfie and foodie stuff. Like most of them are.

They are basically there on Instagram to use those filters.


6. The Spam account:

These are the most notorious accounts on Instagram because they are every kind enough to help you with job applications plus they make up half of their followers.

Inline images 5


7. The Shoutout account:

Another pain-in-the-ass account, they promise to make you famous on Instagram if you abide by a few rules they make for you.

For example:


And then you are expected to send a cleavage-revealing selfie to grab people’s attention.

Inline images 6


8. The Fashion account:

Now the owner thinks she is like this fashion queen wearing Gucci and Prada all day and so she (99% it is a girl)  actually takes the pain to promote various fashion brands and their discounts on the profile.

And pre-teen boys fap to those pics with the model in them.


9. The Traveler’s account:

One of the most interesting accounts in the list, these people are real travelers who have cycled in Tour de France to eaten tribal kills in Africa. But at times you may wish that they should stop and not hurry.

Yo Dawg I Heard You Like To Travel So I Put Acid In Your Passport So You Can Go On A Trip While You Go On A Trip


10. The Informative profile:

They are the best in the list and give you information that you were always curious of since you started school.

Like this account run by NASA:


11. The YouTuber account:

Now let me warn you, YouTube and Instagram are closely related.

So whatever is there on YouTube finds its way to Instagram with only added fanclubs and fan-based-accounts.

And the fan-based accounts have like real crazy fangirls. But they post good stuff like:

Superwoman / Lilly Singh • Period humor

So, may the Gods be with them- old and the new. Tee Hee.


12. The Inspirational Account:

This account does everything but inspire. They are here for followers and keep uploading all known quote images, edited of course, and try to call it The Inspirational Account.


So tell me how did you like my fourth post under relatables in the comments. Did I miss out on any point you know? TELL ME!

I do not promote any of the account-named images in this post. This post is strictly for humour, with humour. 

I post once a week. So do tell me what do you want to read next. 🙂

CONTENT IS ORIGINAL. Memes are copied. A few have been made by me, in this post.

~ The Inquisitive Woman

P.S: Humour is easy.


(Twitter: @joeesomething)


2 thoughts on “12 Types of Instagram Accounts

  1. Those spam accounts are a real pain in the ass. They follow you & then they get suspended in some time keeping you worried about the decreased number of followers in your account.
    Why don’t you categorize your posts & make a header for your blog. Your content is so good but it’s tough for users to navigate.

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